The Bristol Warren Education Foundation (BWEF) is an independent community-based organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the Bristol Warren Regional School District. Through fundraising events and donations from individuals and businesses, BWEF provides grants to teachers and staff for innovative, high-quality programs that enhance and enrich our students' educational experience, and that that are outside the scope of existing school budgets. BWEF acts as a catalyst, broadening the base of support for public education in Bristol and Warren, and helping to shape an educational experience of the highest caliber for all students in the district.
We recently received the following note of thanks from one of our grant recipients, and felt that we should pass it on in full. It is truly the community that donates to BWEF that deserves this thanks, whether it is through an Annual Fund donation, a Thank-A-Teacher gift, attendance at the Bee, raffle ticket purchases, or even a social media all are making a difference in the lives of...
Thank-A-Teachers have been delivered! Thank all of you for your contributions and commitment to our mission and our teaching community. Please visit the Thank-A-Teacher page for a full list of all of the teachers thanked this holiday season.
It is that time of year again: the crowds, the pressure, the time-crunch. So once again we at BWEF are on your side and offering you the chance to honor your child's teachers by making a donation in their name to increase the grants available for curriculum enrichment programs in our schools. Do it today (by credit card or check), and check that off your list. You are welcome!
Innovation surrounds us, it’s the world we live in. From talking watches to privately funded space flight, video cameras that go wherever you go — innovation abounds. Closer to home, we are fortunate to live in a community that encourages and fosters creativity. From a robust focus on the arts to dynamic local businesses that are leading their fields with creative, technology-based solutions. The...

Bee Inspired!

An Evening of Arts and Innovation

March 7th, 2015 at 5:30pm at the RWU Field House.  Sponsorships, Team Registration, Tickets and eAuction information now available!

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