The Bristol Warren Education Foundation (BWEF) is an independent community-based organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the Bristol Warren Regional School District. Through fundraising events and donations from individuals and businesses, BWEF provides grants to teachers and staff for innovative, high-quality programs that enhance and enrich our students' educational experience, and that that are outside the scope of existing school budgets. BWEF acts as a catalyst, broadening the base of support for public education in Bristol and Warren, and helping to shape an educational experience of the highest caliber for all students in the district.
It's on! Saturday, May 10, 3 pm. Beautiful 5k around the reservoir followed by Food Trucks, beer garden and fun at the Pete Sepe Pavilion! All to benefit the Bristol Warren Education Fund. Kids race too! More more information visit the Event Page.
The 6th Annual Bodacious Bee is over. BBQ was eaten, signature cocktails were enjoyed, raffles prizes were taken home, all the auction items were bidden upon, and there was spelling. Lots and lots of spelling. There were incredible costumes, team names, and a clear winner. But mainly, over 400 people from our small community came together to raise an incredible amount of money for curriculum enrichment...

On Friday, March 7th, Bodacious Bee Honorary Co-Chair, Sandyhook teacher, and Classes4Classes founder Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis addressed an audience of educators and other community members in Bristol. She described her path to being a teacher, the unimaginable horror of the events of 12/14/12 in Newtown, CT, and her story of survival and hope. After her return to her classroom in January 2013, the outpouring...
Thank you to everyone who donated to BWEF this holiday season through our Thank-A-Teacher program. Your teachers received a personal message from your child and a holiday card featuring student artwork, as well as the recognition they deserve as your teacher heros.   Click here for the full list of Teachers and those who donated to honor them.

The Sixth Annual Bodacious Bee is over! And what a night it was. Thank you to all of our sponsors, teams, guests, and all other community supporters. It would not be possible without you. The final numbers are not yet in, but we feel confident that all of your support will mean that BWEF can help our teachers make a huge difference to the learning experience of all of our children.

Check back for further details, and photos of the event.

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