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Official Rules of the Bee

1. Each team consists of three members. Each team has a dry erase board, a marker and an eraser. All teams should have a designated speller who will write the team's response on the dry erase board. Team members are encouraged to wear costumes or matching t-shirts.
2. Team members collaborate on the spelling of a word. Each team will have up to 45 seconds to spell the word and write it on the white board. When the judges call "TIME" all markers must be put down and the boards revealed.
a. Any team that does not display the board or continues to write when the judges call "Time" will be eliminated.
b. Illegible or ambiguous handwriting will be considered incorrect.
c. Teams should not erase their boards until directed to do so by the judges.
3.A team is eliminated when they spell a word incorrectly. There are two exceptions to this rule:
a.Each team is allowed one "Buzzagain." Buzzagains are purchased by audience members and cost $125. Buzzagains may only be purchased during the Swarm (1st) round.
b.In the event that all of the teams on the stage misspell a word and no teams purchase a Buzzagain, a Sudden Death round is initiated. A new word is issued by the pronouncer. All teams that misspell the Sudden Death word are eliminated.
4.In the event that all teams on stage are eliminated in a Sudden Death round, those teams are entered into a "Math Off", where the judges provide the teams with math problems to engage the other side of their brains. The team to answer first and correctly wins.
5.When all but one team has been eliminated, the round is over and the remaining team advances to the next round.
6.The judges shall make all decisions and all decisions made by the judges are final.
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