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Board of Directors
   Lindsay Ayers
   Tricia Borgia
   Eric Bradley
   Joe Ciullo
   Darcy Dacosta
   Tyler Dixon
   Sheila Dobbyn
   Taylor Dukes
   Jock Hayes
   Stacia Jackson
   Marny Kindness
   Aaron Ley
   Michele Martins
   Melanie Michaud
   Nicky Piper
   Pete Pisasale
   Carly Reich
   Reuben Reich
   Michelle Richards
   Kara Rocha
   Michelle Spina
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Board of Directors

BWEF Board for 2017-2018

Nicky Piper, Chairperson
Marny Kindness, Vice-Chairperson
Michelle Spina, Treasurer
Taylor Dukes, Secretary
Joe Ciullo & Tyler Dixon, Executive Committee Members-at-Large

Lindsay Ayers Michele Martins
Tricia Borgia Peter Pisasale
Eric Bradley Carly Reich
Darcy Dacosta Reuben Reich
Sheila Dobbyn Michelle Richards
Jock Hayes Kara Rocha
Stacia Jackson Michelle Spina
Aaron Ley

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of non-voting members who help coordinate with the district and advise the Board of Directors in their efforts to accomplish the BWEF's mission. Advisory Board members are appointed annually by board vote.

BWEF Advisory Board for 2017-2018

Mary Almeida Melanie Michaud
Mario Andrade Kara Milner
Amy Bratsos Katherine Quinn
Sarah Bullard Beth Raducha
Nicole Galipeau Adam Ramos
Alan Hassenfeld Joan Roth
Melissa Labonte Liz Tanner
Nancy Lavey

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