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2014-15 Grants

2014-15 Grants

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation (BWEF) has awarded $52,710 in funding for the 2014-15 school year. The funds will support 27 grants that impact students in each of the Bristol Warren Regional School District's schools.

BWEF Grants Committee chairman Tyler Dixon is pleased with the outcome and excited by the opportunities created for the students. “BWEF is so pleased to be able to continue to support exciting, teacher-led initiatives at this level,” said Mr. Dixon. “Our goal is to support and provoke innovative ideas and programs that impact all students in Bristol and Warren.”

This year's grant funding represents BWEF's largest single-year award in its seven-year history and brings its total funding, over that time period, to more than $230,000. The areas of study that will be supported in 2014-15 include math, science, reading, history, performing arts, foreign language, nature exploration, physical education, special education and a great deal of emerging technology.

“This is an especially critical year for us as to date we have the highest number of incoming 6th graders ever who have signed up for band – 120 students.” Said Kickemuit Middle School music teacher Melissa Labonte. “This grant will be the best beginning they could possibly have.”

“We are excited by all of the amazing ideas presented by the faculty, they continue to impress us with their innovative approaches to learning,” said Mr. Dixon. “Supporting creative ideas is a role that BWEF is uniquely positioned to fill, it's our mission.”

BWEF received over $100,000 in funding requests again this year. “We are determined to keep pace with the growing demand for funding,” proclaimed Mr. Dixon.

Founded in 2007, BWEF is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization. BWEF operates independently from the school district for the sole benefit of district students. Foundation board members are corporate and community leaders, parents, and alumni, who donate their time and talents in order to promote the mission of the Foundation. For more information on BWEF visit bwedfoundation.org.

2014-15 BWEF funded grants

All district elementary schools

Elementary School Science Fair – BWEF funds the Elementary School Science Fair which provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of science content and skills outside of the classroom walls.
BWRSD Recycling Program
– Promote students' knowledge of and commitment to recycling all recyclable materials used in their classrooms and their ability while applying their math and science content knowledge and skills.
Kindergarten Welcoming Kit
– BWEF funds materials for a letter written by a previous year kindergartener welcoming new students to kindergarten, included with a grade level appropriate book.

Colt Andrews
Bowls for Hunger –Students will work with a ceramic artist in creating a bowl, glaze their bowl and then finally have their bowl on display to sell with the money earned helping a local food pantry in need.
Native American Storytelling – BWEF funds this program which offers students an opportunity to have a richer understanding of the Native American culture through the mediums of language, music, dance, and games.
Buddy Bench – The “Buddy Bench” initiative will help create a positive caring school climate and empower students to build new friendships.
Home Based Math Games
– BWEF funds at-home math games, available to all second-grade students.
Welcome to Second Grade - BWEF funds the purchase of a grade level appropriate book for every incoming second-grade student.

Changes of Season - This project involves teachers and students exploring the changes over time on the school grounds and to participate in a hands-on science based learning experience in conjunction with educators from Audubon Society.
LEGOs in the Library - The goal of this project is to augment student learning by using LEGOS as a catalyst for academic exploration in reading, math and social skills.

Hugh Cole School
One School One Book - The goal of this project is to celebrate reading at Hugh Cole School and to encourage members of The Hugh Cole School Community to develop a love for reading.
Colonial Days Project - The goal of the project is to expose 5th grade students to a hands on projects relating to the colonial time period. The day serves as an activator for the social studies unit on colonial times as well as the Revolutionary Period.
Young Writers Club - This model of creative writing instills a love of writing in these students while increasing pride and self esteem as they work to finish their project throughout the 15-week time span.
Crazy Catapults – POWScience! presents this program to each third grade class to reinforce the concepts of force and motion that are taught in the second trimester of the Bristol Warren Third Grade Science Curriculum.
Picturing Stories – Explore paintings that tell stories and relate to historical and literary narratives through the Rhode Island School of Design Museum program called Picturing Stories.

Science Co-Lab with Audubon – Second-grade students will participate in five (one hour) hands on science lessons in the classroom provided by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.
Performing Arts Integration with Trinity Rep - Using materials provided by Trinity Repertory Theater Company, students engage in investigating dramatic enactments using dialogue from “A Christmas Carol.” After extensive, integrated classroom activities, students travel to Trinity Rep to view a live performance.
Storyteller – BWEF funds this program designed to promote the awareness, appreciation, and application of Black Storytelling in Rhode Island through performance, educational and cultural experiences.
Art Docent Program - The art docent program uses works of art to promote interdisciplinary and multicultural connections through direct experiences in creative expression. Parents and members of the community bring their unique expertise and vision to this art appreciation experience.
Spanish Language Enrichment - This Spanish Language Enrichment Program provides opportunities in grade 1 - 5 that engage students in reaching higher levels of social, emotional, and academic achievement.

Kickemuit MS
Beginning Band Project - BWEF funds the Beginning Band Project which provides students with small group instruction by professional musicians at the very beginning of the school year to ensure each and every student has the resources needed to succeed.
Nature's Classroom - BWEF funds Nature's Classroom which creates an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn in a way that cannot be duplicated in a classroom. Over a five-day period of time students engage in activities that promote learning about science and nature, teamwork and self-awareness.
Inclusion Group Leadership Program – To bring the inclusion leadership program to the next level by giving each leader the opportunity to use iPad technology to communicate and complete their work in a paperless manner.
KMS After School Program – To provide KMS students with a safe, supervised environment after school that promotes academic achievement and provides educational enrichment.

Mt. Hope HS
Storm Water Restoration Plan – The goal of the project is to continue to increase student awareness of ecological issues and foster respect and stewardship in local community.
Professional Musicians – . The Professional Musician Support Project would provide small group instruction by professional musicians at the beginning and end of the year and provide individualized instruction to 9th grade band members.
Healthy Relationships, Healthy Self – This project is designed to provide at-risk students an opportunity to develop healthy relationships, empower themselves, increase self esteem and connect with a caring adult.

Past Grants

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