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Teachers Have Been Thanked: Let the Summer Begin!
June 22, 2019

Thank you all for your support of our teachers and the Bristol Warren Education Foundation. The BWEF volunteers delivered almost 140 sweet treats of thanks to the incredible teachers and staff in all 6 of our schools. There is no better way to thank them, than by donating to support their innovation and creativity.
Here is a list of the honored staff and teachers in this year's Spring Thank-A-Teacher Drive.

Thank you all, and have a safe and happy summer!

Admin office Dr. Mario Andrade
Colt Andrews Debbie Kearns
Colt Andrews Donna Cheatom
Colt Andrews Elizabeth Curry
Colt Andrews Gail Beauregard
Colt Andrews Hilary Pietz
Colt Andrews Jillian LaFazia
Colt Andrews Julie Lawson
Colt Andrews Katelyn McCanna
Colt Andrews Katharine Barker
Colt Andrews Kathryn Barry
Colt Andrews Kathy Barker
Colt Andrews Kendra Cabral
Colt Andrews Kristen Aleicho
Colt Andrews Lisa Travassos
Colt Andrews Margaret Rodrigues
Colt Andrews Nancy Lavey
Colt Andrews Stacy Dunning
Colt Andrews Stephanie Pedro
Colt Andrews Susan Jones
Colt Andrews Vicki DeMello
Guiteras Allison Powers
Guiteras Cindy Sadler
Guiteras Coach Lindsay Ayers
Guiteras Deborah Trinidad
Guiteras Jane Glass
Guiteras Jessica O'Neil
Guiteras Karen McCanna
Guiteras Kristen Kirwin
Guiteras Laura Berard
Guiteras Linda Bruno
Guiteras Lori Acciardo
Guiteras Sandy Swanson
Guiteras Tina Hyllested
Guiteras Vanessa Cronan
Hugh Cole School Amy Kneath
Hugh Cole School Arlene Vacchelli
Hugh Cole School Bridget Carl
Hugh Cole School Caroline Anderson
Hugh Cole School Christopher Kinder
Hugh Cole School Cindy Giroux
Hugh Cole School Cissy Mellor
Hugh Cole School Erin Letourneau
Hugh Cole School Jen Walker
Hugh Cole School Jennifer Colaneri
Hugh Cole School Jill Murphy
Hugh Cole School Joy Richardson
Hugh Cole School Kelly Ferguson
Hugh Cole School Kelly Kenny
Hugh Cole School Kelly Servant
Hugh Cole School Kim Peecher
Hugh Cole School Laurie Heyden
Hugh Cole School Liza Olson
Hugh Cole School Maria DeFreitas
Hugh Cole School Maria Serbst
Hugh Cole School Marilyn Jones
Hugh Cole School Melissa Johnson
Hugh Cole School Melissa Velleca
Hugh Cole School Michaela Ferreira
Hugh Cole School Miss P (Mrs. Servant's class)
Hugh Cole School Jessica Silva
Hugh Cole School Mrs. Burke
Hugh Cole School Pamela Murphy
Hugh Cole School Paula Ursillo
Hugh Cole School Renee Reis
Hugh Cole School Robin Shaw
Hugh Cole School Sarah Stringer
Hugh Cole School Shannon Swist
Hugh Cole School Sheila Shenhav
Hugh Cole School Sherri Mallon
Hugh Cole School Susan Beck
Hugh Cole School Susan Castigliego
Hugh Cole School Susan Wiegand
Hugh Cole School Tiffany Guisti
Hugh Cole School Tracy Earl
Hugh Cole School Tracy Lima
Hugh Cole School Trisha Minella
Hugh Cole School Whitney Ruggeri
KMS Amy O'Donnell
KMS Andre Arsenault
KMS Barbara Costa
KMS Carolyn Davis
KMS Chelsea Leach
KMS Christine Homen
KMS Debra Leffingwell
KMS Dr. Dayna Achilli
KMS Elizabeth Chagnon
KMS Emily McCaffrey
KMS Erica Winter
KMS Erin Moniz
KMS Erin Welchman
KMS Frank Patalano
KMS Gregory Arruda
KMS Heather Chatterly
KMS Jeffrey Grifka
KMS Jennifer Solek
KMS Jeremiah Ryan
KMS Jillian Schneider
KMS John Keefe
KMS Joyelle Greenway
KMS Kate Fitzpatrick
KMS Keith Swist
KMS Kelly O'Malley
KMS Kerri Krawczyk
KMS Kerry Santerre
KMS Kristen Sousa
KMS Kristin Pereira
KMS Laurie Cadman
KMS Lindsey Pineo
KMS Marianne McGonagle
KMS Marie Camara
KMS Mary Arsenault
KMS Mary Cabral
KMS Melissa Labonte
KMS Mr. Ross
KMS Jennifer Solek
KMS Patricia Filipino
KMS Patricia Wells
KMS Spencer White
MHHS Brian Chidester
MHHS Christopher Lambert
MHHS David Lauria
MHHS Deborah DiBiase
MHHS Kristen Davis
MHHS Michael Almeida
MHHS Nicole Solow
Rockwell Alicia Chase
Rockwell Amanda Lawlor
Rockwell Ann Corrado
Rockwell Colleen O'Connell
Rockwell Debra Lopes
Rockwell Donna Celone
Rockwell Kelly Brum
Rockwell Kim McCormack
Rockwell Meredith DePalma
Rockwell Rebecca MacDougall
Rockwell Tara McAuliffe
Rockwell Tipton Coffman
Rockwell Traciayn Clays

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