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Teachers Have Been Thanked!
June 14, 2017

Thank you to everyone who donated in honor of one or more of our amazing teachers! All of those teachers thanked have received a beautiful African violet with your personal note attached. These little messages mean the world to these superstar educators, and the donations all go right back into their classrooms through the innovative programs furthering our kids' learning, funded by the BWEF.

Here is the full list of the teachers thanked this spring:



Dr. Achilli Mrs. Enjeti Ms. Oliveira
Ms. Aleicho Ms. Galipeau  Ms. Olson 
Ms. Allen Mr. Gallo  Mrs. Peecher 
Ms. Allen Ms. Gerrior  Mrs. Richardson 
Mrs. Almeida Ms. Giorgi  Ms. Roberti 
Ms. Anderson Mrs. Glass  Mrs. Ruggeri 
Dr. Andrade Mr. Grifka  Ms. Saarinen 
Ms. Andre  Mrs. Hall  Principal Sadler 
Mrs. Beagan Mrs. Hanley  Mrs. Scagos 
Mrs. Beauregard  Mrs. Herndon  Mrs. Serbst 
Ms. Bosco  Mrs. Hyllested  Mrs. Servant 
Mrs. Boyle  Mrs. Jacobs  Mrs. Simmons 
Mr. Brackett  Mrs. Jones  Ms. Sloat 
Mrs. Brum  Mrs. Kenny  Ms. Smith
Mrs. Bruno  Mr. Kinder  Mrs. Souza 
Mrs. Burke  Mrs. Kirwin  Mr. Spence 
Ms. Cappadona  Mrs. Kneath  Mrs. Stouber 
Ms. Carbone  Mr. Kroger  Mrs. Swist 
Mrs. Castigliego  Mrs. Labonte  Mr. Swist 
Mrs. Celone Mrs. LaFazia  Ms. Talbot 
Mrs. Chagnon Mrs. Lavey  Mrs. Tomkinson 
Mrs. Champlin Ms. Lawson  Ms. Towers 
Ms. Cheaton Mrs. Lopes  Mrs. Ursillo
Mr. Chidester Ms. MacDougall  Principal Vance 
Mrs. Clays Mrs. MacDougall  Mrs. Velleca 
Mr. Conti Principal McAuliffe  Ms. Viera 
Ms. Corrado Ms. McCanna  Ms. Walker 
Ms. Correia Ms. McDonald  Ms. Weisbrod 
Mrs. Costa Mrs. McGonagle Ms. Welchman 
Mrs. Cronan Ms. McKenna  Mrs. Wells 
Mrs. Defelice Mrs. Melillo  Mr. White 
Mrs. Defreitas  Mrs. Mello  Ms. Weigand 
Principal DiBiase Mrs. Murphy  Ms. Winter 
Ms. Dunlop Ms. O'Donnell  Mrs. Winterbottom-Shadday 
Ms. Dunning Mrs. O'Hagan  Principal Wolf 


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