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Screenagers, the movie, coming to Bristol Warren!
February 27, 2017

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation (BWEF), in partnership with the Bristol Warren Regional School District (BWRSD) and Bristol Warren Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs), presents the documentary film SCREENAGERS.

Where: Kickemuit Middle School

When: Wednesday March 8, 2017
5:30 – 6:00pm: pizza and refreshments
6:00 – 7:15pm: introduction and documentary presentation
7:15 – 8:00pm: moderated discussion

In SCREENAGERS, physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston explores issues surrounding social media, video games, academics and internet addiction, revealing the impact of screen time on the developing brain, and offering solutions for adults looking for balance, and ways to empower their children to navigate the digital world in a healthy way.

Nicky Piper, BWEF chairperson, explained why the Education Foundation decided to invest in a screening of this documentary, making it available to the entire community. “The BWEF mission is to promote educational excellence in our public schools, and we believe that education happens in families and in our community, as much as in the classroom. We have funded various innovative EdTech programs over the years, and so think it is important for all students and their caregivers to learn about balance and responsibility in the use of technology, allowing us all to develop and grow without losing the essential socialization skills that make our community so strong."

Parent Teacher Organizations across the school district welcome the opportunity to provide students with this valuable learning experience. Lisa Cabral, President of the PTO at Kickemuit Middle School recognizes that kids need to understand the pros and cons of their digital lives.” We felt that this was a great opportunity to collaborate with the BWRSD, BWEF, and PTOs to offer our students this important enrichment experience,” she said.

Tom Driscoll, Director of Technology for the Bristol Warren Regional School District, points out the importance of a holistic approach to guiding students in a pervasively digital environment. "As our district increasingly implements and scales innovative uses of technology to improve student learning, it is vital for families to engage in an open dialogue about how we can all help students learn effectively and live productively as responsible citizens in an increasingly digital world.”

This presentation is open to the public.

Those wishing to attend are asked to register for free tickets here

For more information on the film go to http://www.screenagersmovie.com

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