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Appetizers (195 Franklin):
Mexican and Asian themed snacks
Dinner (Preppy Pig BBQ):
Smoked seasonal vegetables
a combination of zucchini, different types of squash pending on what's in season, red onion, and portobello mushrooms smokedin a foil pan being sure to separate them from other entrees in case you live a more vegetarian lifestyle making sure we don't cross contaminate! We use a a mix of spices and smoke the veggies over hickory wood giving you a unique flavor and mouthwatering result! If you haven't had smoked portobello mushrooms...;...;you should!
Pulled Pork Sandwiches - Our pulled pork starts with the pork shoulder and Boston butt, dry rubbed with a combination of 16 different spices and brown sugar. The dry rub produces a mouth watering bark and penetrates the shoulders and butts perfectly giving you a tender, juicy pulled pork you won't even need our homemade sauces with but they are also so good you'll want to add them anyways! The pork is smoked over hickory wood for a minimum of 10 hours in traditional smokers or cookers built right here in Rhode Island.
BBQ Chicken - Using a similar dry rub used on the pulled pork, we use the tastiest parts of the chicken and smoke them for up to 6 hours over hickory wood. The dry rub and glaze applied during the smoking process gives you a tender, extremely juicy, fall off the bone BBQ chicken and the perfect compliment to your BBQ!
Coleslaw - Our coleslaw is different than your average coleslaw! Again, swapping out mayonnaise for Greek yogurt, giving you a healthier, lighter, more flavorful slaw mixed with local honey and a few other fresh ingredients producing a crisp addition to your pulled pork sandwich or the perfect side to your BBQ!
Honey/Jalapeno Cornbread - Baked from scratch and baked to perfection by the most spectacular woman I know...;..my mother, Ginger B. DeSocio
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