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4th Annual Drive for Educational Excellence

November, 2013

Dear friends,

Hero is a term that can mean different things to all of us. It conjures images of first responders, men and women of our military, teachers, parents or just a true friend.

The Bristol Warren Education Foundation's (BWEF) heroes are those who stand up in support of a high-quality education for all students. Our heroes include, of course, those mentioned above as well as all who have pitched in to help drive our mission, promoting excellence in the Bristol Warren Regional School District.

That excellence is exemplified by faculty, staff, students and community working together in innovative, meaningful ways. Such as experiential learning for 2nd graders through a science co-lab with the Audubon, adding 'POW!Science' to an after-school program and the Rhode Island Philharmonic's 'Physics of Music Making' program which dovetails with the third grade art and music curriculum. Or how about a cutting-edge iPad Lab that will provide middle school students with the tools and skills they need for success in a global environment while helping KMS to reduce its carbon footprint. 

All of these innovative programs, and much more, have become reality in Bristol and Warren classrooms thanks to the support of our heroes.

The BWEF board believes excellence in public education is essential to the economic and social health of any community. With the help of our many heroes we believe we can achieve a high-caliber education for all students of Bristol and Warren.

We urge you to become our hero this fall during BWEF's 4th Annual Drive for Educational Excellence. Please consider a tax-deductible donation that will help bring innovative, world-expanding opportunities, like those I have mentioned and more, to all Bristol Warren public school students.

BWEF is an independent, non-profit, community organization that promotes educational excellence in the Bristol Warren public schools. Since 2007, as a direct result of our heroes' generosity, BWEF has awarded over $175,000 in enrichment grants to teachers and staff in every district school.

all my best,

Jock Hayes

BWEF Board Chairperson


How to give: Help BWEF promote educational excellence in the Bristol Warren public schools by making a tax-deductible donation. You can give securely online:

Or mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Bristol Warren Education Foundation

P.O Box 543

Bristol, RI 02809

BWEF Grants in action

By broadening the fundraising efforts of our all-volunteer community organization, we hope to be able to provide grant supported educational activities to as many classrooms as possible. During the 2013-14 school year BWEF is funding more than $50,000 in grants — since 2007 BWEF has funded more than $175,000 in grants. With your support, we can bring more music, more theatre, and more robotics into our classrooms.

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